February 2024 Virtual PODD Group Recap: Supporting New Users & Efficient Printing Techniques

Welcome to my February 2024 Virtual PODD Group recap! In this session, I delved into some tips for supporting new users diving into the world of PODD communication systems from the perspective of a special education teacher and PODD parent. First, I touched on the importance of adopting a team approach that centers around the holistic development of the child. Recognizing that each individual comes with unique circumstances, I discussed strategies to navigate through these complexities while ensuring comprehensive support for the child’s communication journey. In the latter half of the session, I dove into the realm of printing techniques, materials, and software applications vital for PODD communication systems. I discussed various resources, including Assistiveware, Jabbla Technology, and Tobii Dynavox based on my current knowledge from experience and conversations I have had with others. I did forget to mentioned Smartbox Assistive Technology with Grid plus PODD, but they are also another great option in the United States. For additional handouts, construction and printing tips, parent blogs, supporting products, and informative videos, be sure to check out PODD USA’s Links page: http://www.poddusa.com/links.html as well as additional information on obtaining PODD: http://www.poddusa.com/information.html Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, educator, or therapist, this recap offers insights to enhance your understanding and implementation of PODD communication systems.

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