AACExperience Talks: Our Journey – Background, Equipment, Apraxia, DAYBUE & New Therapies

Welcome to AACExperience! In this video, I’ll share some of our journey of how AACExperience came to be, combining my background as a special education teacher with a passion for enhancing communication as an educational consultant.

I’ll talk about our experience with wheelchairs, feeding tubes, arm braces, grab bars, and their role in our “Experience”. I briefly discuss Trofenitide (DAYBUE), the groundbreaking treatment for Rett syndrome, and the combination of this drug with our daughter’s many different therapies including equine or hippotherapy.

Learn a bit more about how apraxia affects individuals, and the experiences I gained from attending the incredible course; Teaching Movements for Communication, presented by Gayle Porter, Claire Cotter, and Linda Burkhart.

Join me as I share some of our story as a PODD family and most recent experience starting PROMPT speech therapy.

AACExperience is my commitment to building a world where communication knows no boundaries. I hope to use our “Experience” to support other individuals, their families and educators in their AAC journeys.

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