PODD Book Demonstration – Partner Assisted Visual Scanning Books

Follow along with me as I provide examples of doing Direct Models with Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) books. I’ll be using four different Partner Assisted Visual Scanning (PAVS) books: 12 and 20 expanded functions, 40 keyword, and 80 expanded keyword. Each of these books have an operational panel for users who are unable to use direct select. Another example of an alternative access style book that would have an operational panel would be Partner Assisted Auditory + Visual Scanning. In these clips I’ll be using a similar message (talking about the upcoming time change) across all books to show the continuity of the books as the language levels grow. Using a Direct Model allows us to provide as much language and vocabulary with less time. It is important to also be doing partial and full models for individuals using alternative access methods. Whether you’re new to PODD or looking to enhance your understanding, this demonstration offers insights for educators, therapists, and families alike.

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