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Hi, I’m Heather Roach, an educational consultant who is passionate about helping others. I am known for my creative and outside-the-box thinking, always looking for new ways to support and engage students. As a resourceful consultant, I work closely with other educators and therapists to develop curriculum and provide additional support to teachers, schools, and other families. I am deeply committed to helping therapists, parents, and teachers, using multiple strategies to ensure everyone is supported and included. One of my favorite tools is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), which I find both enjoyable and exciting to work with. Whether it’s using eye gaze technology or other innovative approaches, I am always finding new ways to connect with and empower students. My experience as a former educator and mom has provided me with a unique perspective and a wealth of knowledge that I use to help schools and organizations create positive and effective learning environments.

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PODD Book Demonstration - Partner Assisted Visual Scanning Books
PODD Book Demonstration – Partner Assisted Visual Scanning Books

Follow along with me as I provide examples of doing Direct Models with Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display (PODD) books. I’ll be using four different Partner Assisted Visual Scanning (PAVS) books: 12 and 20 expanded functions, 40 keyword, and 80 expanded keyword. Each of these books have an operational panel for users who are unable to…

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